Congratulations! You have a Graduate!

This is such a big deal, maybe even bigger than you think.

Watching them in their cap and gown and grabbing that diploma is actually one the first major milestones of a young adult and if your an adult and finished your degree later this is an amazing time.

School is not easy for everyone.

Around every corner it is challenging, stressful, and just plain difficult. All those mornings you had to drag them out of bed to get to class on time,

all the nights nagging to study for tests or write papers,

all the times you watched them kick butt on those tests and papers. At the times it was tough, but they made it!

Now is time to look back on it and realize it was all worth the work.

Just like a birthday, a graduation is something you should celebrate your way!   Whether is a big blowout in the backyard with their crazy friends or a family dinner at their favorite restaurant. A celebration as large as this only comes a couple of times in your graduates life (depending on their college and post-grad plans, of course), so you should really do it up!

Plan a party and give yourself and your grad  the credit you all worked for.

Let Big Daddy Cakes take some stress out of this celebration and create the perfect cake!

Graduation Cake Special

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