Gluten Free – Keto Friendly


Big Daddy Cakes is proud to announce

Chocolate Gluten-Free Keto Friendly Cake with Chocolate Frosting that will please the picky eaters!

When you want to make memories for your loved ones but still want to please everyone at the party this cake will work for you!

The Texture – a little different than a traditional cake, but not enough to make you stop.

Just enough for a non Gluten Free/Keto person to say .. that’s a little different.

The Taste – Great!    Not a super sweet cake or frosting, for someone participating in a Keto lifestyle this will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Price – $60.00 8″ 3 layer cake

The cake pictured was a custom order (monkey pictures not required) –  what would make your cake special and that’s how we will design your cake!

Nutritional Information:  based on 24 slices per cake

Calories: 324 * Fat: 31g * Total Carbs: 5g * Fiber 3g * Sugar: 1g * Protein 9g


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May 26, 2019

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